The GE 125 year Anniversary Issue

Vol 1. Issue 4.


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125 years of innovation at work

In 1892, the Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged with the Edison General Electric Company to form the General Electric Company. 125 years later, we are 300,000 employees working in 180+ countries working together to build the Digital Industrial. We were founded by an inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, and that spirit of innovation drives us to reinvent ourseles today. 

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Meet Tim Holder...

This April, GE will celebrate 125 years of innovation and highlight some of those employees who have helped get us this far. One of these employees is Tim Holder, a Senior Supplier Quality Engineering Staff Manager, GE Energy Connection, who celebrated his 40th anniversary with GE late February.  We wanted to give you a glimpse into Tim’s backstory. It shows us where he’s been, while his amazing contributions to his unit’s capabilities over the years shows us where he’s going.

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 Giuseppe's Very First Job


I must admit I was a little worried about the idea of moving to Hungary. Budapest is a beautiful city if you are a tourist, no doubt about that, but would I actually enjoy living here? The biggest challenge for me was to find a job, as I had never really worked before. I needed more than anybody else to find a job that would make me feel at ease, that would smoothen my transition into the world of work, and from this point of view I was very lucky.

I was still in Italy, applying for jobs in Hungary, when I received the email from a recruiting company that wanted to interview me for an Inside Sales Specialist position. With a few e-mails, we agreed on a date for the interview and the following week I was here in Budapest. I remember that the lady from the recruiting company that interviewed me was very kind with me, she must have recognized that I was nervous. She presented me the recruiting process, explained what steps would have followed in case I was successful and finally unveiled the company that was offering the position: GE!

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GE Honored at MLB Opening Day

GE Aviation CEO David Joyce wore jersey number 18 when he took the mound on Monday to throw out the Reds’ Opening Day ceremonial first pitch in Cincinnati. Joe Allen, the general manager of GE’s Global Operations in North America, served as catcher.


RIDDLE ME THIS: You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, But the future can never taint me. What am I?

A. History

Game Time!

can you match the intern to their fun fact...

A. Chloe Vollaro

C. Zachary McKerley

B. Trishla Chokshi

D. Pierce Randle

1). Been to the top of the tallest building in the world        

2). From Chicago, but believes that Chicago style “pizza” is blasphemous 

3). A member of the ΔΟ chapter of ΚΚΨ, an honorary fraternity for college band 

4). Has been scuba diving in Curacao    

Answers: A3, B1, C4 ,D1

EID Announcements!!!

The PadMapper and Welcome Committee is hosting a Video contest! This contest challenge is to make a video of the site you are located at, showcasing information that you think would be beneficial for future interns to know. Your video could be just about your experience and about your project(s), or about the area in general and the exciting things to do around there. It is completely up to you!  A prize will be give to the person who creates the best video!! Be sure to submit your video submissions to


The Professional Development Committee is hosting their fourth learning series on April 21st at 2pm Eastern. The presentation will feature a panel of 7 speakers representing the different leadership programs that GE has to offer. Need further details? Have any questions? contact: