GE Software: Planning the Grid of the Future Today

The electrical grid is perhaps the most complex machine ever invented. Without significant planning, making even the slightest changes to how it operates could have catastrophic consequences. Explore this infographic to see how GE and its Energy Consulting business are leveraging the power of software, big data and analytics to shape and plan for the grid of the future.


Our clients have benefitted from the power of big data and software analytics for more than 60 years. 

See how our software has literally developed digital “twins” of electric power systems around the world, helping our clients plan the future of one of the most complex machines ever invented!

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Our GE PSLF software is one of the most widely used transmission planning software tools in the world. 

Click below to learn how this software is helping our clients with everything from integrating more renewables, to preparing for geomagnetic disturbances.

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Economic Planning and Forecasting

GE MAPS economic dispatch planning software is used by grid operators, energy investors, and project developers around the world to help forecast energy prices, and generation and transmission operations.

Check out a few of the ways we’re using this software to help our clients.

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A Model of Reliability

Explore how GE MARS software helps regulators, grid planners and utilities ensure their customers and stakeholders have the electricity they need when they need it.

However the grid changes in the future, it needs to continue to operate reliably. 

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Key Benefits

Each one of our digital offerings are powerful tools on their own. Where our clients often see the most benefit is combining the best attributes of each of them during the planning process. 

See how “round-trip” analysis, leveraging all three pieces of our software, can provide a 360-degree view of the future grid.

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Energy Consulting

We’re the world’s leading experts on delivering insights and engineering that are shaping the utility of the future, powered by some of the most advanced software in the industry.


GE PSLF software is helping regulators, grid planners, project developers and utilities around the world ensure their future grids are compliant and continue to operate efficiently as new technologies are added and old technologies are mothballed.


Power project developers, investors and grid planners world-wide continue to rely on GE MAPS economic planning software to ensure the projects they’re evaluating and implementing not only operate efficiently, but are also economically viable over the long-term.


While making sure the grid of the future is efficient and economical is important, ensuring it is fundamentally reliable is perhaps the most important attribute of any future grid. GE MARS reliability software is used across the industry to help meet this most important standard.

Individually Powerful, Best Together

While each one of our grid planning software tools has its own unique benefits as we plan for the grid of the future, our clients see the greatest benefit when they combine all three for deep analysis, detailed models and unparalleled insights for one of the most complex machines ever invented. 

Check out examples where our software tools were used together on renewables integration studies

GE’s PSLF Transmission Planning Software

Capable of modelling the full details of the generation and transmission system with more than 40,000 Generators and 75,000 transmission lines.

Greater Efficiency

As regulatory requirements increase and systems become more complex, getting transmission planning work done faster is the name of the game. What takes other transmission planning software up to two weeks, takes only a few hours with GE’s PSLF transmission planning software with high-performance computing. Clients spend less time running scenarios and more time analyzing them.

Seamless Data & Visual Integration

This software takes the digital “twin” of the grid, one of the most complex machines ever invented, and translates it into an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, including satellite image overlays of the entire power system. It doesn’t get much more clear unless you’re there!

Future Ready

GE’s PSLF software is built on the latest technology platform which enables quick delivery of program enhancements, helping ensure industry executives and planners are prepared for whatever the grid of the future throws at them.

Brings Operations and Planning Together

GE’s PSLF software allows users to directly work with State Estimator cases from energy management systems software offerings and use it for model validation, next day studies or traditional planning studies.

Check Out These Examples Where PSLF Is Helping Shape the Grid of the Future

PEAK Reliability and WECC

GE Energy Consulting successfully completed the system model validation project for WECC and Peak Reliability (Peak RC). GE developed a new framework to match planning models against real-world events, making it possible for PEAK RC and WECC to validate their models using any real system event in just a few minutes.

Performance Improvement

A growing and more complex grid system was creating a time-crunch for a PSLF customer. As the system expanded, the time they had to make important decisions to keep the grid up and running decreased. The PSLF support team quickly rallied to create a high-performance computing solution to reduce the compute time from 4 hours to 18 minutes…a 92% increase in speed!

Leading development of models needed in the industry

GE’s PSLF support team led the development of the composite load model (the continental model for electricity use) in North America. This model is now being adopted by all the major grid operators on the continent as a standard.

GE’s MAPS Economic Planning & Forecasting Software

In the rapidly changing world of the electric power industry, one thing has remained constant — the need to accurately model the economic operation of the power system in order to make informed and economically viable investment and operations decisions.

Detailed Modeling of Bulk System

  • Hourly and sub-hourly modeling
  • Detailed modeling of generator characteristics
  • Full transmission network representation

Comprehensive Results

  • Hourly price projections on a nodal basis
  • Thermal and renewable generation operation details
  • Transmission congestion and shadow prices

Computational Performance

  • Special methodology developed for parallel computing for simulations enabling greater speed and larger data sets
  • A powerful core software engine optimized specifically for power system economic calculations
  • Fast post-processing of output results

Check Out These Examples of How MAPS is Helping our Clients Accurately Model Grid Economics

Investment Decision Analysis

For more than 20 years, Energy Consulting has worked closely with a financial services client who has billions of $s invested in energy assets around the world. We’ve worked with this client to model and forecast fuel prices, energy demand, and future transmission and generation expansion. These simulations help the client evaluate how specific investment targets will operate over a 20-year horizon.

GE MAPS Helps Shape the Renewables Potential in Canada

Leveraging GE MAPS, MARS and PSLF software Energy Consulting experts simulated the power systems of each province in Canada to determine the viability of reaching provincial and national renewables integration targets. The simulations showed the penetration levels of renewables that could be reliably and economically implemented across Canada.
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GE’s MARS Reliability Software

The software of choice for performing generation reliability analysis and helping grid operators to evaluate whether they have the right resources deployed at the right times in the right place to help the grid run effectively.

Software Trusted by Reliability Organizations Across North America

  • Industry Standard with over 30 years of usage
  • Comprehensive and Flexible Generation Modeling Capability

Renewables Modeling

  • Helps determine the reliability value of renewables and installed capacity needs
  • Iterative analysis capability to establish effective load carrying capability of variable resources

Simulation Performance

  • Study large systems in hours, not days
  • Faster simulation times by splitting the work among multiple computers.

Case Study

Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) Probabilistic Assessment

Energy Consulting has worked with NPCC for more than 15 years to develop a detailed model to represents how the NPCC region will operate from a reliability perspective. The analysis results in recommended system changes to maintain an established reliability criteria.

Key Benefits

Modeling power systems by combining GE MAPS, PSLF and MARS software can paint a complete picture of technical, economic and reliability benefits or concerns of changing the grid in even the smallest way.


The ability for system planners to be able to evaluate large systems and many scenarios as fast as possible is increasingly important today. Very fast computation and ease of use help to make our software tools some of the fastest in the industry. A big data task that could take 2 weeks on other software can take as little as a few hours with our software.


When you’re planning a system as complex as the electric grid, even a small piece of bad data in the planning process can lead to big headaches in operations. GE’s software suite is built on the reliable algorithms and logic the industry has come to trust for more than 60 years.


While our software suite is built on the algorithms the industry has grown to trust, we’re also continually enhancing the user experience and graphic interfaces in our software to make analysis faster and easier to understand.


Our consultants are world-renowned for their expertise in electric power systems engineering, and they rely on these tools every day. They’re constantly providing us with feedback on how to improve our software, meaning the rest of the industry benefits from their expertise through our software.